Wayne Johnson 


"This is a picker's pick! It felt comfortable in the first couple of minutes. It did not move in my fingers at all and the pick tip location was as solid as I have ever felt! I could relax my finger and thumb thus play longer in more comfort."

Wayne Johnson - Grammy award winning guitarist



"I am amazed this has not been done yet. I am overwhelmed by the quality and design of the guitar picks you sent me. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the fact that I'm certain every guitarist and bassist in the world will want a pack of these. These are a f*cking game changer for sure. Playing it up-side down with the intended thumb side down is fantastic."

Adam Winarski 


 Matt from Dusty's Guitar


"I thought you were some other guy coming in here selling me some weird sh*t but this is actually f*cking amazing! This is actually one of the sickest things that anyone has ever walked in here selling. I am a really bad picker. I can use this for my students to show proper grip. I don't think I could ever go back. My blues master classes will use it. This is ergonomical as hell! I can't believe no one has done this!"

Matt - Dusty's Guitar in Oceanside.



"It feels natural though it looks thick my finger and thumb are as close to each other as a regular pick. The tip is always in the same position. No spinning or slipping."

Whit Aadland