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I came back to the guitar after 30 years off! I’m 61, and my hands aren’t as nimble as they were once! I got a couple of Goonis picks to see if they made a difference. My old go-to was alway .73 Martin tortoise-shell picks. I was afraid the 1mm might be too stiff. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Goonis pick! It fits the hand, doesn’t spin or slip. The tip is flexible enough to not sound harsh. I can play it straight…or slightly on-edge and the response is butter-smooth across the strings and the sound is what I expect. I practiced for two hours tonight and really felt the difference in less right-hand fatigue from squeezing a pick!

Kevin H

Guitar Enthusiast

I have a thing for sunglasses, like I do indeed collect these and I have a real big range of it at home. Luckily, stores like this one let me indulge in this hobby furthermore!



I'm hooked! Only took Two times to get a feel but this has definitely improved my playing. Tip of the pick is always in the same place string to string much more accurate! Better than $10 v-picks and a lot cheapers.

I really like these. I do think they are improving my playing style. Nice Work!

Ziggy Kat


I love these picks! They're so comfortable! My wrist feels more relaxed when playing with Goonis picks!

Ok. I've been using these for a week now. And can honestly say these picks are great. It takes some getting use too. Well for me it did because I hold picks firm. So learning to loosen up and relax they seem to work great. They don't slide around.

I have a light pick technique and this pick let's me concentrate on my phrasing and music and not where my pick is in my hand. It say put without having to squeeze. I love the dampended familiar attack, toughness and tonality of the nylon. Try this pick...


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