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Step right up, music enthusiasts, and prepare to have your minds blown by the latest and greatest innovation in the world of guitar picks! Introducing the revolutionary Goonis Pick, a mind-bending 3D asymmetrical pick that will transform your guitar playing experience like never before! Put your grip in a saddle! Now, you may be wondering, where did this brilliant idea originate from? Well, hold onto your seats, because this extraordinary tale begins with none other than the brilliant guitarist and automotive designer, Jordan Goonis. Picture this: a Designer in the Ford Mustang studio by day and a sensational performer by night. Jordan's passion for music was undeniable, but he was plagued by a relentless frustration with traditional guitar picks flying in the air and dropping. His boss Automotive designer Sean Halpin offered to redesign the pick to not ever fall out of your hand but to play longer in comfort with less tension! Driven by his unyielding determination, Sean decided to channel his design engineering skills towards reinventing the guitar pick. Armed with cutting-edge automotive design software, he embarked on a quest to create the most comfortable and user-friendly pick known to the industry. It was a journey of trial and error, countless iterations, and sleepless nights, but Sean’s unwavering dedication finally led him to the pinnacle of perfection. The moment we 3D printed and put the pick to the test, an electrifying realization struck us like a bolt of lightning. We knew right then and there that we had stumbled upon a true game changer. After subjecting the pick to rigorous testing for several weeks, the results left us awe-struck. "The pick industry has been to focused on the color and lettering in a pick that they never considered designing the pick from the fingers to the strings backwards." Said Sean Halpin That is the approach we take when designing cars from the person forward.

Jordan's endurance skyrocketed, and his picking accuracy reached unprecedented heights. It was an epiphany. This pick had the power to revolutionize the way guitarists approached their craft. Fueled by this newfound revelation, we dove headfirst into action, unleashing a manufacturing frenzy that produced thousands of Goonis Picks, all yearning to be shared with guitarists around the world. But here's the truly mind-blowing part: we didn't want to restrict you, dear guitarists, to a predetermined grip style. Oh no! With our innovative picks, the power lies in your hands, quite literally. Each guitarist possesses a unique style and preference when it comes to holding their pick, and we celebrate that individuality. With the Goonis Pick, the choice is yours. Take control, embrace the comfort, and let your creativity soar! As we witness fellow guitarists adapting to the unrivaled control and comfort of the Goonis Pick, our excitement reaches new heights. The joy of watching musicians explore their own personalized grip techniques is nothing short of exhilarating. We've come to realize that this pick is not just a tool but a catalyst for self-expression and artistic exploration. It's a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie within the music industry. So, my fellow music aficionados, join us on this incredible journey as we unveil the Goonis Pick to the world. Embrace the revolution, unleash your potential, and let your fingers dance across the strings like never before. The future of guitar playing has arrived, and it's here to stay. Welcome to a new era of sonic innovation, where the power lies in your hands and the possibilities are infinite

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