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About Us

About Us

  • Introducing the Goonis Pick: A Revolution in Guitar Playing

    • Innovative Design: Step right up, music enthusiasts! Prepare to be amazed by the latest innovation in guitar picks. The Goonis Saddle evolved from all of the input we received in 2023 with our 1.0 version.
    • The Goonis Pick: A 3D asymmetrical pick designed to transform your guitar playing experience. Once you find the sweet spot you will relax your grip to the tension that will allow you to rip without dropping!
    • Origins: Jordan Goonis dropped a pick on stage in Detroit and the Journey began
    • Problem-Solving: Frustrated with traditional picks flying and dropping, Jordan sought a solution.
    • Collaboration: Partnering with automotive designer Sean Halpin, they aimed to design a pick for comfort and grip to fit like a glove.
    • Development: Utilizing cutting-edge design software, Sean embarked on a journey of trial and error with 3D printed parts made from 3D scanning technology.
    • Perfection: After countless iterations, the Goonis Pick was born, offering unparalleled comfort and usability. No more tip spinning away from the strings
    • Game-Changing Realization: Testing revealed a pick that could enhance endurance and improve accuracy and increase precision.
    • Specialized Grip: Unlike traditional picks, their may be a chance the pick does not fit your grip.  If that happens we buy them back for life!
    • Empowering Guitarists: Each player can find their unique comfort and control with the Goonis Pick.
    • Manufacturing Frenzy: 100's Thousands of picks were produced, ready to empower guitarists worldwide.
    • Catalyst for Creativity: The Goonis Pick isn't just a tool but a means of self-expression enabling creativity without worrying if you are going to drop a pick.
    • Exciting Exploration: Witnessing musicians discover a new grip tension that allows them to play longer in comfort improving their technique and becoming exhilarated.
    • Limitless Possibilities: The Goonis Pick signifies a new era of sonic innovation and design theory that evolves around the anatomy of the body in the music industry.
    • Join the Revolution: Embrace the future of guitar playing with the Goonis Pick and unleash your creativity.  Life time warranty!



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